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The Five "P's" of Professionalism

Being a professional is not just about the education that you have and the skill with which you work.  It's really so much more than that. But, somewhere along the way modern society seems to have moved away from professionalism to the detriment of the people whom to be served. 

This could just be a reflection of the times in which we live, but the reality is that professionalism is valuable and timeless.  Those who truly master it are successful.  

This phenomenon about professionalism was recently brought to my attention by two people: first, a pilot sitting beside me on a flight back home from Atlanta and then a young man who is a physical trainer for the NFL and the son of a close family friend.

You Must Take Risks To Succeed

 No one ever reached great levels of success by always playing it safe.  The people that you can think of who made great achievements were all dreamers...risk takers, but the outcome was well worth the risk.  

Why?  Because they took the time not only stretch their imaginations, but to assess how best to make their dream a reality.

Such success from great inventors like the Wright Brothers, political leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela and entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs comes from the mind and soul of someone who saw not only the value of their dreams, but carried the belief that their dreams could come true!

Challenges for Women in the Workplace

Ihave been working with MSBCoach this week as an Executive Coach for the Women's Leadership Program at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business and it has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience (as it is each year).

Yesterday, we identified some unique challenges that female professionals face in the workplace.  The following is a list of stereotypes and issues that we ladies have had to and must continue to overcome.  Some of the challenges are internal and others are external, necessitating a professional and effective way to deal with the stereotypes, opinions and biases of others.

Continuous Improvement Keeps You Out Front

The day that I decide that I've learned all I need to know is the day I lose the my edge. It's a ridiculous and erroneous assumption to think that we know it all and can't get any better than we already are!  Everyone, even the most able, prominent and successful people in the world must continue to learn and grow.  Not convinced?  Here are three reasons why I believe that my theory is correct?

1)Continuing to learn in your chosen career keeps you relevant. This world is moving at break-neck speed with the proliferation of information, technology and advancements in every area.

Spring Forward to Your Success!

In the United States we just changed our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time. To remember which way the clock moves twice each year, we say "Fall back, spring forward."  Spring is always the harder of these two changes because everyone seems to focus on losing one hour of sleep, but there is a "bright side". We gain extra hours of daylight to work and enjoy the season.

This year, the time change made me think about something in a different way.  In your career, business and profession, it is normally wise to take small, but consistent steps forward.