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Good Communication

Avoid The Communication Crash!

 Over the past two months in various situations I have become even more aware of how crucial proper communication is between people for optimal results within a team, organization and even within families. Proper communication is fundamental not only to the viability, but to the sustainability of any group.   

If members of a team fail to follow the law of good communication they can expect, sooner or later, to be involved in what I call a "communication crash"!  But, have no fear.

Communicate Your Opinions

 By nature I am a people-pleaser.  The best part of that character trait is my ability and willingness to help people and to sacrifice my own needs and wants in favor of others. On the flip side, the thing that is dangerous about this same trait is that, at its worst, it has caused me in times past to suppress my own opinions, needs and desires for the wrong reasons, i.e. to be liked, accepted, approved, etc.  

That coupled with my desire for everyone to be at peace and just get along caused me to refrain from speaking up and communicating my opinions from things that were wrong with goods and services that I received to telling people what I really wanted in work situations.

Wise Counsel Is Invaluable

You're a seasoned professional and a highly intelligent and capable person. How do I know that?  Because you're taking the time right now to read this blog and continue to learn and improve!  

Oh, yes!  I know who you are. You have many accomplishments under your belt and your future is incredibly bright. There isn't much that you can't do. So, even when you face a situation that is out of you area of expertise, your natural inclination is to handle it yourself.  

The Case for Consistency

One of my favorite mentors, Gloria Copeland, always says, "In consistency lies the victory." The longer I live and the more I lead teams, the more I realize the depth of this truth.  

People, including you and I, crave consistency.  Here a the reasons why I believe that is logically true:

1.  Consistency creates predictability and predictability takes away fear of the unknown. Most people don 't like major change because they don't know how it will affect them.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

We've all heard the old adage, "Honesty is the best policy."  It's really true.  Not only is being truthful in business negotiations simply the right thing to do, but being dishonest is actually the surefire way to guarantee that your business will eventually come crashing down.

Unfortunately, some individual entrepreneurs, and even some corporate executives at high levels, don't value honesty as they should.  Their motto is "the end justifies the means" and if lying or deceiving customers and clients is a method to line their pockets with more money, then lie they shall!