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Surviving in the Midst of Change

If you are one of our local readers, you may have noticed what happened here in Charlottesville, Virginia only about two weekends ago.  It was a lovely Saturday morning in the upper 70's F, which was ridiculously warm for these parts.  Folks were out in shorts and T-shirts enjoying the summer-like weather.  Then, around 2:00 pm the sky became ominously dark and a strange sound was heard outside. Loud thumps battered the cars and the ground as small, perfectly round balls of hail came through in a storm.

Do Rules Rule?

 Alot of people don't like rules in an organization, but they are necessary to maintain order, efficiency and even accountability and fairness.  A company or organization without rules will lack consistency and eventually fail due to the absence of structure.  However, In order to be of maximum benefit and respectfully observed, it is important to allow flexibility as well.  

I'm not advocating "rule-breaking", but I am encouraging people to be sensitive and aware to times when a rule may not need to be applied.

Spring Forward to Your Success!

In the United States we just changed our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time. To remember which way the clock moves twice each year, we say "Fall back, spring forward."  Spring is always the harder of these two changes because everyone seems to focus on losing one hour of sleep, but there is a "bright side". We gain extra hours of daylight to work and enjoy the season.

This year, the time change made me think about something in a different way.  In your career, business and profession, it is normally wise to take small, but consistent steps forward.

Let the "Week" Say I Am Strong

 There is a Hebrew scripture that says, "Let theweaksay, I am strong."  (Joel 3:10). I chose to title this article "Let the Week Say, I Am Strong" using the obvious play on the word "week" to challenge you to look at the way in which you will use your time to accomplish your big goals in 2016. 

The ancient Hebrew command in the book of Joel was given to encourage a person to look beyond his or her natural weaknesses and to make a declaration that despite the odds, despite the challenges and notwithstanding the circumstances or disadvantages, I am strong!

New Year, New Mindset

At the start of a new year many people go about the task of cleaning out their garages and closets, wearing or using new things that the received for Christmas and even launching an exercise program to get a new body.

You will see lots of ads encouraging people to get "a new you!" When I think about that, I am reminded that the most important new thing you can acquire is not necessarily the latest tech upgrade or accessory. The most valuable thing that you can do this year is to reNEW your mind.