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Succeed with Change in 2014!

Many people are exhausted and exasperated by the events of 2013 in their lives, careers and/or relationships because things did not turn out the way they'd hoped, expected or planned.

Disappointment can lead to depression or at the very least discouragement can set in -  even apathy to attempt to move or make a positive change.  I can hear someone saying, "What's the use?  I tried last year and it did not work.  Why should I try again?"

Good question.  Let's talk about 3 reasons why and how you should try again:  

1.  Change your perspective.  Perhaps you need to look at the circumstance from another perspective or even through the eyes of another person on the "outside" to gain victory over a situation.  Many times we can look so long at a situation that we can only see one solution and if that has not worked we think it can't be overcome.  Counselors, consultants and coaches can help you to see your situation in an entirely different light and help you solve a problem in a fraction of the days, weeks and months that it has taken you to only beat your head against the wall.  If you're only seeing an old woman in this optical illusion and not a young woman with a white feathered hat and necklace, ask a friend to show you.

2.  Change your focus.  Don't focus so much on the obstacle to your success, but rather on the object of your success.  I'ts true, you might not be able to go over a mountain, but it may be possible to go around it or through it!  Stay focused on what you want, not on what's in your way.  Determination can drive you forward like a bulldozer straight through that mountain!

3.  Change your mind. Maybe the obstacle has in fact been removed, but you stopped trying to overcome it. Sometimes when we experience a negative circumstance or problem so long that we come to believe that nothing can or will change. I am reminded of how elephants are trained. Their leg is tied to a tree as the grow and mature.  The chain that binds them is too strong and try as they might they cannot get free.  When they are fully grown the chain is removed, but the elephant does not try to escape because it has been conditioned to believe that it cannot be free from the chain. 

We too can be in a frustrating situation so long that it may seem that there is no use trying to succeed because we have tried many times without any success.  You start to think or say things like, "I'll never get promoted."  "This company is doomed to close."   "I'll never find love again."  "I can't lose this weight."  

I am here to tell you to never stop checking to see if the chain is still there.  Never give up trying to live your life freely and victoriously.  You just may discover that the resistance is gone and you CAN do it after all.

Cynthia Murray is the founder and CEO of Cynthia Murray Enterprises, LLC
She is a speaker, coach, author and attorney.  To contact Cynthia for your next special event or training workshop, write to us at  To find out more about CME services visit us on the web at  To subscribe to Weekly Winning Strategies! sign up on our Home Page and start receiving them now free!  Click HERE!

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3 Comments to Succeed with Change in 2014!:

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Jackee on Monday, February 3, 2014 12:34 PM
You are very inspirational! I hope more people get to connect with your heart and wisdom!
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