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Surviving in the Midst of Change

If you are one of our local readers, you may have noticed what happened here in Charlottesville, Virginia only about two weekends ago.  It was a lovely Saturday morning in the upper 70's F, which was ridiculously warm for these parts.  Folks were out in shorts and T-shirts enjoying the summer-like weather.  Then, around 2:00 pm the sky became ominously dark and a strange sound was heard outside. Loud thumps battered the cars and the ground as small, perfectly round balls of hail came through in a storm.

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

One of the major principles of successful leading that I have come across in my years of training and working with supervisors and staff is that a little appreciation of those who for you goes a long way.

I have encountered many people who stated that they were pleased and satisfied with their employer's various ways of saying, "Thank you" to them for a job well done.  The converse is also true, I have spoken with people who said that one of the main reasons that they resigned their job was the fact that they did not feel appreciated by their supervisor!

Do Rules Rule?

 Alot of people don't like rules in an organization, but they are necessary to maintain order, efficiency and even accountability and fairness.  A company or organization without rules will lack consistency and eventually fail due to the absence of structure.  However, In order to be of maximum benefit and respectfully observed, it is important to allow flexibility as well.  

I'm not advocating "rule-breaking", but I am encouraging people to be sensitive and aware to times when a rule may not need to be applied.

Don't Be Afraid to Lead

 It's October and the month usually associated with scary things because of Halloween.  It's curious how some cultures actually like being terrified...but I don't think being afraid is something that we should embrace.  Unfortunately, some people are afraid to be a leader, though by choice or selection, that is exactly what they are.

Let's take a look at some reasons why people fear leadership and what can be done to turn the lights on those fears and kick the "boogie man" out of the office!

Remove the "Bad Apple" From The Bushel

 You have likely heard the phrase "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch."  That statement is not only scientifically true, but socially true as well.  A rotten piece of fruit produces a substance called ethylene.  When that rotten apple is in contact with other perfectly fine fruit, it causes the good fruit to ripen too quickly, produce ethylene and begin to rot as well.

This scientific phenomenon with fruit can easily be seen among a group of people such as work teams.